12 Reasons Not to Take Your Summer Vacation

Last week, Skift released a report that the majority of Americans will take little to no vacation this summer. We’d find that hard to swallow, but our friends at the US Travel Association echo the sentiment, stating that Americans failed to use 429 million vacation days in 2018. That’s 3.2 days of paid time off wasted per worker. We sympathize with the half of vacation-deprived people who say they simply can’t afford it this summer, but for the other half, we imagine the reasoning goes something like this:

Because you prefer to enjoy your coffee from the comfort of your cubicle.

And who craves more quality time with loved ones? Not you.

Plus, you wouldn’t trade your rush-hour commute for the world.

There is no acceptable out-of-office message.

And you’re way more productive daydreaming of travel than experiencing it IRL.

You’d hate to wreck your Seamless/food truck/brown bag streak.

And you wouldn’t want to miss happy hour.

Fact: The office’s aggressive AC is the best way to escape the heat.

Sunsets are totally unremarkable. That’s what screensavers are for.

I mean, if you’ve been to 1 beach, you’ve been to them all.

Your vitamin D levels are just fine, thanks.

Yep, there’s nowhere else in the world you’d rather be. Nowhere.

#LiveTravelChannel proves that travel can happen near or far, over the course of a month or for a fleeting moment, but it’s necessary for the soul. For those who make the time for travel, the US Travel Association reports that 90% feel relaxed and recharged, 80% are happier, and 61% like their jobs even better — as if you needed more motivation. Share your travels with us all summer long with #LiveTravelChannel and prepare to return to work feeling refreshed, reconnected and productive.