Great tourist spots to explore in Cambodia

If you are finding the best ways to enjoy fun and explore Cambodia, just look through this article to know more background knowledge about famous tourist destinations of this beautiful country.

Many years ago, Cambodia is the country was destroyed seriously by fierce wars. However, this country has been developing and achieved impressive progress in economy, politics and culture. Thanks to these positive impacts, tourism also gets great achievement and becomes the second income source just after textile industry. Cambodia has lured a large number of visitors from all over the world. It beckons tourists with an array of scenic beaches, prehistoric temples, impressive architecture and become one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia.

If you find something new and interesting, Cambodia is the country you should visit. Take a closer look at below tourist spot if you feel interested.


Kratie province is for those who love adventurous sport water activities. Take time to enjoy the sun, winter. Tourists can walk along the beach, breathe pure ambience and take part in favorite water activities. Besides, the Mekong River on north of Kratie is waiting for guests to admire. It is regarded as the residence of the Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins. Also, if visitors want to explore more about the culture and history of Cambodia, don’t forget to drop by the 100 Column Pagoda and the Kampy Resort.


This province is near to Phnom Penh city. You can have the chances to entertain with various funny activities including snorkelling, dirt biking, mountain biking or scuba diving. For those who wish to be in harmony with nature, Ream National Park where consists of more than 150 bird species and other rare animals is a great place to opt for.


Why not consider visiting Mondulkiri to ride elephants for fun and relaxation. This interesting activity is appreciated by visitors and has been preserved and developed for many years.

Angkor Temples

You tour to Cambodia will never be complete if you miss to visit this famous destination. Surely you will be astonished by the majesty and splendor of the Angkor Temples. If you wish to discover more details, you had better take a local guide to regale you with numerous wonderful historical stories of this charming temple.

Overall, with stunning collection of imposing architects, picturesque beaches, attractive tourist spots, Cambodia is worth being one of the hottest destinations in the world.