The Sites of Transylvania Everyone Should See Before Dying

About Transylvania – A Heaven on Earth

Did you ever hear about a beautiful place in the Eastern Europe called Transylvania? Don’t think that it’s just another town. It’s so big in size that it covers almost a third of Romania. It’s a triangular region encompassed by Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara.


A tourist requires up to 5 days to appreciate the major sites of Transylvania and learn the secrets that make this place mysteriously special and popular. For one, the Romanian countryside is magical cultivating an archaic and calm lifestyle. Each sub-region has its unique cultural identity.


While Romania as a whole and Transylvania in particular is packed with natural beauty, you might think that you won’t be able to make the most out of your tour because of your lack of competence in the Romanian language, but that’s not true! You can use service to understand the sign boards, directions, and even have a little chat with the locals. Such translation services are authentic and provide you with a quick way of understanding a different language.


It’s not just a place you can think of as having ‘top sights’. You don’t just go there to snap some pictures for record and move over to the next destination – its distinct village life has an authentic charm that even made HRH Prince Charles adore the region so much that he got 4 village guesthouses. They are certainly good places for enjoying the summers.


The native people have, till date, well-maintained their original culture that helps them stay in unity with nature. You won’t notice any mass tourism, modernism or industrialization there, so be prepared to have a taste of the original rural lifestyle. Take a look at the top sites in Transylvania.


Corvin (Hunyade) Castle

It’s among the favorite castles of the tourists. The Hunyade Castle exists in the Central-West part of Romania. The castle in Hunedoara has attracted a lot of tourist attraction in the recent decades since it provides them with an optimum blend of gothic art and renaissance.


It has the most authentic medieval touch to its ambiance and interiors. The fortified residence was constructed during the 15th century for a family that ruled the region at that time. You’ll learn about the tales associated with the seal and image of the castle’s family, that’s much enticing that most Dracula stories.


Bran Castle

It’s a must-see sight in Transylvania. Made popular because of the Dracula novel by Bram Stocker as well as the Hollywood movie that was released in 1992, the castle sits on the ridge of a mountain in mystic landscapes. The castle’s building has a story to tell.


Seven centuries ago, it was built for a strategic defense purpose – a fort to protect the valley against the enlargement of the Ottoman Empire. The tag of Dracula makes the site even more touristy. You may see it during the day from Sibiu, Bucharest, and Brasov.

UNESCO Heritage’s Fortified Settlements

A majority of the cities in Transylvania were constructed for the purpose of defense during the occurrence of heavy colonization during the Middle Ages. There were nearby citadels or forts where the refugees could reside. Those buildings have been nicely preserved to date.


The constructions have stood the test of time and provide an insight into the dramatic history of Transylvania. You will see a lot of range of such fortified constructions there since at least 150 of them are in the region. Visiting the settlements is advisable for the tourists because:


  • Their historic significance.
  • Getting introduced to the ancient architecture and lifestyle.
  • Their scenic beauty.


Owing to their huge significance, two historic charms now make part of the UNESCO heritage – the 7 villages with fortified churches and the Citadel of Sighisoara. Settlers from Germany found the Saxon villages between the 13th and 14th century. HRH Prince Charles has purchased a residence in the village of Viscri. On the other hand, the Citadel of Sighisoara is among the most well-maintained European citadels that are inhabited till now.


The Underground Romanian Salt Mines

Your holiday in Transylvania will be incomplete without seeing the salt mine. The exceptional quality of salt mines that makes them different from other mines and in fact, elevates them in a way is that their salty air has a beneficial impact on the health. Romanian doctors advise the patients having respiratory problems to undertake sitting therapies in the salt mines. Evidence exists to suggest that the Romans used to stay inside the salt mines for some time because of their health significance some 2000 years ago.


Many salt mines in Romania are established as amusement parks in which a traveler can spend 3 to 4 hours without any cellular interruption. The point is to have the time of one’s life in a calm and soothing environment. Travelers engage in different kinds of sports, read, play, gossip and taste wine in the salt mines.


Why Choose Transylvania Over Other Tourist Destinations

When you visit some place, you want to attain the most value out of your investment of time and effort. The most suitable places to visit, accordingly, are those that have well-preserved unique cultures that are different from the lifestyle you are used to. Visiting Transylvania is hence, a great idea for the travelers because it is full of tourist attractions of historic significance.


The region is lush green where the scenic beauty is at its epitome. On top of that, you get plenty of choices of castles and villages to see and introspect the history and beautiful culture. The tourist attractions are not only really old, but they are also well-maintained. You can have a gist of the lifestyle of your ancestors and travel several centuries back in time.