Things You Should NEVER Miss When in Santorini

The magical and romantic sunsets that makes you want to kiss the person next to you are not the only reason you should travel to Santorini in Greece. This relaxed yet majestic island is not on everyone’s travel bucket list for no reason. Some of the things you NEED to do, and never miss, in this island include the following:

Witness the most captivating sunset ever.

Of course, the very first thing to do in Santorini (if it’s your first time) is to see the famous sunset for yourself. Although the most famous spot to see it is from the Oia Castle, you can also get spectacular views at Fira, Imerogvigli and Firostefani. But if you want a different angle with the entire caldera in the frame, go to Faros in Akrotiri.

Dine in a remarkable way in Ammoudi.

Head to the dust road to get to the small beach with cliffs that dive into the blue waters. Then, go straight to the yellow tavern on the walls for seafood dishes that will make your mouth water and wait for the world-famous sunset.

Spend a night in a cave house.

Architecture in this island is truly amazing. Yposkafo or cave house was built by the poor people of Santorini to protect them from strong winds. These homes were then renovated to become modern, luxurious holiday resorts.

Go scuba diving.

If you’re looking for an adventure while in this beautiful island, you should try scuba diving. Even if you’ve dived numerous seas in your other trips, diving in Santorini is a whole new experience. There are volcanic stones to admire and the bottomless depth of the caldera to astound you.

Look for a PADI to take you to the best diving spots in the island. There are so many other fun things to see and do here. You can book a package tour with one of the many knowledgeable agencies here to take you on a trip you will never forget.